NTP / NTS Server

This page was last modified: 24 May 2022 21:15 CE(S)T.

MegaNerd.nl is providing a NTP and NTS server at snoke.meganerd.nl.

NTP stands for Network Time Protocol and NTS for Network Time Security - a secure / encrypted flavour of the NTP protocol. NTP is one of the last widely used protocols that was not secured / encrypted, but is an official standard since september 2020 documented in RFC 8915. Encrypting NTP is a good thing, because it prevents bad people making packets that skrew up time on your system(s).

NTS is implemented in NTPsec (forked from the reference implementation NTP and used by snoke.meganerd.nl) and Chrony. Microsoft Windows does not support NTS (yet?), because it uses a simplified version of the NTP protocol called SNTP (Simple NTP).

Meganerd.nl is participating in the NTP Pool Project. This project currently only supports NTP and not NTS. You are free to use snoke.meganerd.nl in your NTP and NTS configuration.

See for more information on this NTP server at the NTP Pool project: